Ways to Enhance Sexual Potency

Sexual potency is the ability of a male to carry out and consummate sexual intercourse. The subject of male potency used to be a taboo in Poland decades ago, but attitudes have significantly changed. There is increased awareness spearheaded by both the government and health institutions. More and more men with sexual problems, especially the aging population, are seeking help. The best way to improve male potency is to avoid causes of impotence.

Sexual impotence medically referred to as erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Male impotence can have quite a big impact on a man. It can affect other areas of a man’s life like confidence and self-esteem.

There are different degrees of erectile dysfunction. Some men can achieve an erection but are unable to maintain it. Others are not able to get an erection at all. It is a problem that affects millions of men all over the world. According to a study carried out by Polish Society for Sexual Medicine, erection disorders affect over one and a half million people in Poland alone.

Impotence is typically treated with so-called ED drugs. There are, however, some people who are not comfortable with the side effects these drugs can bring. Such individuals may opt for natural remedies. There are some natural ways to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle Changes

Making healthy lifestyle changes is necessary for you to increase potency. Adopt a healthy exercise routine, lose extra weight and quit smoking. Being in a good physical shape improves sexual desire and performance.

Tobacco contains harmful quantities of cadmium – a toxic element that contributes a lot to impotence. Smoking also constricts blood vessels which restrict blood flow to various parts of your body including your penis. Restricted genital blood flow decreases sexual capability.

Anxiety and Stress Levels

High anxiety levels, depression, dissatisfaction and stress are known to be factors contributing to erectile dysfunction. If you are a man continually stressed about your finances, inability to provide to your family or being unhappy with your current job, you may not be able to perform well sexually.

Unhealthy relationships can bring negative feelings, which leads to an abnormal decrease in sexual desire and performance. Engage in activities that relieve anxiety and stress like going for a massage session, meditation and breathing exercises for relaxation.

Psychotherapy Sessions

If you have any psychological or emotional problems that may be the reason for your erectile dysfunction, do not keep them to yourself. Arrange a therapy session and discuss your issues with a professional therapist. By doing this, you are likely to gain more confidence in your abilities. A mental health counselor will advise you on ways to solve the issues.

The Right Diet

Certain foods improve sexual potency. They include high fiber foods like fruits, vegetable and nuts. Foods high in Zinc like pumpkin seeds, spinach and sunflower seeds help increase testosterone levels. Vitamin E rich diet such as green leafy vegetables and wheat germ improve blood circulation.