Erectile Dysfunction and Kamagra as a Solution

There comes a time in a man’s life when despite strong lust an erection just won’t occur. The music is on, clothes are off and the partner is in high spirits, but the ‘party’ just cannot start.

The rate of erectile dysfunction among Polish men is similar to that estimated in America. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it’s observed that 25% of men who sought help for erectile dysfunction were under 40 years old. Additionally, 48.8% of those men below 40 experienced severe cases of ED.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition where a man has difficulties getting or sustaining an erection. The above statistics show how prevalent the condition is even among young members of the society. Unfortunately, the prevalence rates increase even more throughout the aging process. The good news is, however, that by using the right medication, ED is easily treatable and you do not have to suffer the embarrassment of failing in bed.

The Kamagra drug

One possible solution that can immensely spice up your sex life is a drug called Kamagra whose active ingredient is sildenafil citrate, the same one used in popular generic Viagra. Kamagra is an effective and safe ED drug that is manufactured by the well-known Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta. In India, the Pfizer’s Viagra patent does not apply and this explains the reasons as to why Kamagra is a much cheaper alternative to Viagra, while having the same active ingredient and effect.

Kamagra is available in two forms: pills and jelly. The oral jelly is designed for those who have difficulties swallowing pills. Besides, it increases the overall speed of absorption by almost double since the gel starts to absorb the moment it lands in the mouth.

How does it work?

With sildenafil citrate being an active ingredient, Kamagra works by blocking some specific enzyme (PDE5) in the body, which results in relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis and increased blood flow to the male organ. This happens about forty minutes after taking the pill and stable and firm erections can be attained a few times within 4-6 hours. The drug ensures that the waiting time after an orgasm and before the next erection is substantially reduced, effectively guaranteeing you high-quality sexual performance and maximum pleasure.

Further, Kamagra facilitates the extension of sexual intercourse by delaying ejaculation. In this way, the drug acts as a cure for premature ejaculation making the sexual act more prolonged.

Where to get it in Poland?

Unlike America and many other countries where sildenafil is a prescription drug, Poland allows it to be sold without a prescription. That means that you can legally buy Kamagra from pharmacies in Poland or online stores. Despite no need for a prescription to purchase Kamagra, it’s still recommended to consult the doctor first as all ED drugs have some contraindications and possible side effects. If you choose to take Kamagra without a consultation, make sure you understand and follow all the instructions from the drug manufacturer.